Arterial blood gas Test
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Arterial blood gas Test (ABG) Laboratory Tests

what is Arterial Blood Gases Test ?

Arterial blood gas (ABG) is a procedure to measure the amount of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the blood. It also helps determine the acidic level of the blood or check the pH content. Imbalance in the pH level of blood and blood gases can cause critical medical conditions like- kidney failure, chemical poisoning, drug overdose, heart failure, shock and uncontrolled diabetes. ABG is done if you have any of these mentioned symptoms or conditions.

ABG requires collection of small sample of blood from the artery for laboratory testing. Arterial blood can be received from artery of arm, wrist or groin. After finding an artery, the medical staff will sterilize the injection site with an antiseptic and then draw blood with the help of needle. Further, the needle will be withdrawn and the staff will put a bandage on the punctured wound.

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