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Body Ache- Causes

Body aches are common and can be caused due to several reasons. Viral fever, flue, stress are few of the common reasons of body ache. It can also occur due to over work or first time exercise/gym, standing or walking for long or even periods.

Allowing your body to rest is the best home remedy to treat body pain that occurs because of tiredness, but for the ones due to fever or any other disease, take medical help.

Causes of Body Ache

Viral Infection: Viral fever, flu or cold, all are caused due to viral infection which attacks our body. In an attempt to remove the infection or immune system tries to fight them off resulting in body ache. Taking rest and consuming good amount of fluid is the best remedy to get over viral infections. In case you have throat infection, gargle twice a day to alleviate the problem.

Vitamin D Deficiency: When our body do not get enough exposure to the sunlight or we don’t take enough food rich in Vitamin D, our body develops deficiency for the vitamin. It leads to low level of calcium in blood which is responsible for the functioning of important organs like- muscles and kidneys. Our bones too need calcium to remain stronger. With limited Vitamin D exposure our body absorbs less calcium which leads to weakening of bones and muscles. These results in body ache and cramp, dizziness, muscle spasm, etc.

Stress and Lack of Sleep: When our body is stressed out or exhausted due to not sleeping enough, too much of work or maybe because of exercise, we have body aches. When our body is burned out, our immune system does not function properly to fight body inflammation or infection. As a result, our body becomes tired. Lack of sleep also replenishes essential energies and processes. Our body cells and tissues too need rest for a healthy growth.

Anemia: Anemia is caused due to lack of red blood cells in body which leads to reduction of oxygen flow to our body organs. Insufficient intake of iron, Vitamin B-12 and folate causes anemia. This deficiency makes many parts of the body feel weak and we suffer from body ache.

Fibromyalgia: Fibromyalgia is a disorder which affects our bones and muscles. It is a condition where our body feels exhausted and achy. The common symptom of this disease is joint pain and fatigue. There is no cure to this but medication and regular exercise helps manage this disease.

Chronic fatigue syndrome: It is a condition which causes profound weakness and exhaustion no matter how much rest you take. This occurs most likely in women. It can be genetic and the body pain may remain throughout the year.

Other causes of body ache include- Dehydration, Multiple sclerosis, Arthritis, Lyme Disease, Lupus, Mononucleosis, Hypothyroidism, etc.

Treatment of Body Ache

If your body aches due to exhaustion or stress take proper rest and mediate. Have a warm bath which will help your muscles relax. In case, the ache is associated with some disease or is persistent, consult your doctor to identify the underlying reason for the pain.

Prevention of Body Ache

  • Exercise regularly for minimum one hour to remain fit
  • Eat fruits, and green leafy vegetables which suffices your body with both macro and micro nutrients
  • Stay hydrated
  • Take proper sleep for at minimum 8 hours
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