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Psychiatric assessment Medical Test

Mental health assessment or psychiatric assessment involves evaluation of mental problems if any, by a psychiatrist and to inform what treatment might help. In case you feel anxious quite often, have trouble thinking or want to avoid talking or meeting people, it might mean that you need psychiatric assessment.

What to expect during Psychiatric assessment

Physical Examination: Physical or mental illness can also cause psychiatric problems. Thus, the doctor will first ask you about your medical history, medicines taken by you and then check for neurological disorders. Inform the doctor if in case you have any chronic illness, thyroid disorder or any other issues.

Laboratory Test: This includes blood test, brain scan and urine test to rule out your physical health or drug abuse in patients.

Personal History: Further, the doctor will ask you since how long are you experiencing these psychiatric issues?  Did anyone in the family have this? Are you married? Do you have any personal issues? How was the upbringing? The doctor will work on a list of issues you might have to check the root cause of your stress.

Basis your answers, the doctor will evaluate your stress level and also check if you feel irritated easily is shy or aggressive.

Cognitive ability evaluation: While the doctor is doing the mental health evaluation, he will also observe your ability to think, response, mental reasoning and recall information ability. He may take certain small tests like verbal communication test, math’s solving ability test and memory test to test your cognitive ability.

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