What is Vaginal Examination Medical test?
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Vaginal Examination Medical Test

What is Vaginal Examination Medical test?

Vaginal examination refers to the assessment of vagina in women for any possible sign of illness. It is performed in case there is any unexplained pelvic pain, abnormal vaginal discharge, to detect any pelvic mass or due to irregular vaginal bleeding. Vaginal examination is also done in pregnant women as a part of their routine check-up.

Procedure of Vaginal Examination

Before the assessment the doctor will wear a pair of non-sterile gloves. Then the patient is asked to lie down in a modified lithotomy position. The procedure involves putting of one hand on the patient’s stomach and the other hand to put two fingers inside the vagina. This allows the doctor to access the vagina, ovaries and womb. The entire procedure is painless but makes the patient feel uncomfortable. The procedure requires presence of one female ward member as well in the chamber in case a male doctor is executing the examination. Further, the doctor will put the palm into the vagina, facing laterally and then rotating it to 90 degrees so that the palm is facing upwards. The doctor might also require palpating the vaginal walls to check for any masses or irregularities. Similarly, the doctor will examine the cervix (anterior and posterior), fornices and uterus for any abnormalities. The shape of uterus is

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